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[Grasslands Textures]

Here my new little friend the rabbit ! Hope you like it !!

This free demo has been realised with RPG Maker MV and uses a lot of plugins to achieve the desire result. Please note that I'm not the author of those plugins, which means I decline incompatibility responsibility with your own RPG Maker project.

Music Credit : YouFulca


License information :


- Edit and use the asset in any commercial  or non commercial project
-Use the asset in any commercial  or non commercial project


- Distribute or resell part or the entirety of an asset
(including all files inside the packs)

- Please Credit Me:




Get this asset pack and 9 more for $29.84 USD
View bundle
Buy Now
On Sale!
58% Off
$9.99 $4.19 USD or more

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Hi, anyone know how to use the terrain appropriately?  In the author's demo image, he can erase the layer very smoothly, but my tilemap's basic area is 16*16. When I erase a layer, the edge is jagged. How to earse the layer smoothly? 


I know it's a bit of a dumb question to ask but, how do I use the floor textures?

It seems it's not used like the A type tiles of the regular assets.

Do I need to make a map on photoshop or clipstudio or something similar?

Are these assets MV only? I have MZ.

Amazing,Will there be any new assets in this retro RPG asset series

Deleted 1 year ago
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Which ones ?

Where is battle background?  

in the folder 16x3 > BattleBack


Thx :)

Deleted post

Yes ! totally ^^

hello friend, you are appreciated. I would like to ask if you plan on any buildings like castles, town and village houses, maybe a snow version of your plains and such. Would love to see more locations and adventure areas.

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Hi Norracide, I love DESIRE FANTASY retro rpg asset pack BUNDLE ! very much

And now I have selected the assets in this set as part of my commercial Projects in Unity Engine.

And I would like to buy more of your works in the future.

But now I have one big problem with adopting assets: there is a lack of variety in their implementation.

Characters in the Grasslands package have only two attack moves: a swirl attack and a hammer strike.

Will it be possible? that you will help develop Additional attack moves for Desire characters by adding 3-5 more attack moves.

and split into new packages for further distribution I will definitely buy it for my commercial projects. Thank you for your consideration.


there are 6 fingers in the banner art

Instead of using an eraser to get the effect of the path, you can use a different brush.  Gimp actually has a lot of brushes for this sort of effect. 

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I buy this, I very like your art.

But I note you are long time no new create any new art,

If can , create more [animations] and [characters]...

you are my art hero ! ^________^


The pack is missing 16x16 characters?

(1 edit)

Oh heck yeah! I LOVE these character sprites yo! Def using them in my game! I’m looking forward to the rest of the monster sprites + battlers sprite sheets for sure! I bought the RPG Retro Assets Bundle this evening just before heading to eat dinner. Now I’m adding them into the game! they look super cute!

My Rating: <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 (5/5 Hearts)

Keep up the great work, Bro! <3

(1 edit)

lol I had to do a double-take to make sure I actually put 5 heart emoticons instead of 4 on accident hahaha LOL! I don’t have enough coffee in my system right now to count properly lolz!

edit: BT Dubs, the 5/5 Hearts rating I gave above is meant for the entire Asset Bundle I bought this evening. I LOVE your art! I’ll def be buying your Sprites more often now that I found your art!

I've bought your awesome graphics bundle! I need a 4-way battle animation, but it's a pity that the cat girl and Pitaya characters are only battlers. Could you please add a 4-way combat action like character set 1 and 2?


Excellent looking tileset, baught it instantly. What is your style called? Are you making monsters and more tileset in this beautiful style?

Thank you 1up Indie2 !

My friends call my style Jpegart haha because of my drawing process
Yes monsters and more tilesets comes next !


Me apaixonei pelas cores usadas na arte <3  

 Brazil \o/

Hello, I need a bit of help regarding the floor. I'm a beginner (using RPG maker MZ) and just so happen that I wanted to learn how to do a parallax map (instead of the usual tiles). 

 I could kind of understand a bit based on the tutorial you provided but I'm not exactly sure if I'm supposed to do the map over Photoshop first or directly on RPG maker?  (The map I'm trying to make is an open world-ish so I'm kinda lost on how should I start with this, do I need any specific plugins or tools?)

(1 edit)

Hello Izuruu, I recommend you to consult tutoriels like this -->

Parallax Mapping in RPG Maker MZ

to fully understand how it works.

You're going to need a plugin as well if you want an open world map with a scrolling camera like the Galv Overlay plugin you can find here -->

MZ Layer Graphics

Apart from that you will just need your natural skills on Photoshop, Photofiltre, Gimp or your prefered software !

If you don't mind telling, are there any specific brushes you use for path and others? Mine doesn't nearly look as good as the demo as it keeps ending up being too straight and identical in size

(5 edits)

Personaly I use Clip Studio Paint but that work for Photoshop too : 

use the pencil to keep the pixel art aspect and in brush options check the dispersion property with the "on pressure" option and that it !

You can customise your brush with all options and textures, mask etc, all work as long as you use the pencil.

( Sorry my Photoshop is in French because choucroute! )

Oh it's fine I'm also french!  Anyway, I just made a quick map to test around, what do you think I could do to facilitate things? Like for the water, it was kinda a pain to add it. Unlike most other tilesets yours straight out required me to learn photoshop/image editing too lol

(3 edits)

Je te répond en français du coup pour être plus précis !

Elle est très jolie ta map ! j'aime beaucoup,
Pour l'eau tu peux directement l'intégrer dans le parrallax via une texture que tu efface comme les autres calques (comme le chemin) et positionnée par dessus les rebords de face mais sous les rebords arrière et de côtés.
Soit sur un layer animé via le plugin de Galv Overlay, son fonctionnement est expliqué dans la doc du plugin, ça reste très simple via une commande.

Yep j'ai fais le choix d'avoir des assets moins plug and play comparé à d'autres assets, ce qui les rend moins accessible à beaucoup d'utilisateurs, mais d'un autre côté je suis content que ceux qui y trouvent leur compte tenteront d'y incorporer plus de leur style et connaissances avec leurs moyens afin de se libérer des tiles finalement très restrictifs et frustrants à mes yeux. ^^


You did a wonderful job with this.

Thank you spooky-precious !

Wow, nice asset! Did you draw it all by yourself? 


That's amazing!


Hi I have to say I cannot use these in Rpg Maker MZ, is there some trick to make these work or?

(2 edits) (+1)

Hi Bollehopp ! which assets doesnt work in rpg maker MZ ?
can you give me precisions ? thanks !

Hi I have problems with all of them they look not good when I import them to MZ im not even sure why but I tested your demo and your art is fantastic but when I personally import the assets to mz it looks an ugly mess for some reason.. I tested the grass asset pack that I bought from you even bought the red haired chick since she looked awesome.

Hi I think the main problem is they are too big in mz, 

(7 edits)

For many assets I used plugins and commands (you can find them all in the demo) you can't just import all assets and directly used them in a new RPG Maker projet file. For RPG MAKER MZ you can find Galv plugins here for doing the same things I do :

mz character frames
mz character animations
mz diagonal movement

Otherwise you can use the resources present in the "CharaSimplified" folder if you dont want new plugins in your project (I post the "CharaSimplified" of Pitaya today) they are set for the default classic RPG maker game projet.

EDIT: it's done !


Okey this wasnt really said I needed a plugin to use the tiles.. but thank you.. I thought i could just use them as normal tilesets. Lovely art anyway.

Depending on what you want you don't need plugins to make parallax map with my textures and sprites.
Taking into consideration the limitations of rpg maker, only scrolling parallax need plugins.
I'm really sorry if the pack doesn't suit you...
Thank you for your kindness for your feedbacks


Hello Bollehopp :)

I also wanted to give it a try today, so I opened RM MZ and started working with those assets on a blank project. 

You can acheive great results with tilesets and basic parallax (for the ground textures only). Here is a sample I did :

Please note that I didnt use any plugins or particular setup. Tilesets and project sample (MV/MZ) will be added soon to this pack.

To conclude, working with this pack is pretty straight-forward but require parallaxing and probably a bigger screen resolution (both are handled well by rpgmaker mv/mz). Moreover, the downloadable demo is a good demonstration of the possibilities.

I hope you'll find this pack a usage on your side. Have a good Sunday !


Actually, thanks for these links. It's a pain to find the proper plugins due to dead links and such.


Thank you spooky-precious !


You are awesome!

Thank You JarlBalgruff !

I can't tell what comes with this.  Do all the grounds and hills and terrain come with it? or is it just a few squares with different patterns?  Thanks

(1 edit)

Floors usually are looping textures, cliffs and heights are props.
For me, it's easier to make map with.

I really don't like tiles,
Except floors textures, all assets are props


Thanks for responding! I don't really like tiles either.  Nice work!

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You did it, it's online !