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"Sorry due to files restrictions the demo doesnt work on Chrome, Brave and
Duckduckgo browsers, you can play correctly with Firefox or Qwant mobile version"


This free demo has been realised with RPG Maker MV and uses a lot of plugins to achieve the desire result. Please note that I'm not the author of those plugins, which means I decline incompatibility responsibility with your own RPG Maker project.

I don't make tiles, I prefer a more organic approach with textures and props.


License information :


- Directly use the asset in any commercial or non-commercial project
-Edit the asset in any commercial or non-commercial project.


- Distribute or resell part or the entirety of an asset
(including all files inside the packs)
- Edit and resell the asset to others

- Please Credit Me: https://noiracide.itch.io/




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Windows_Desire_Fantasy_DEMO_V.1.0.zip 108 MB
Linux_Desire_Fantasy_DEMO_V.1.0.zip 150 MB
Mac_Desire_Fantasy_DEMO_V.1.0.zip 242 MB
Android_IOS_Desire_Fantasy_DEMO_V.1.0.zip 27 MB


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Good evening, I loved your art style, my art is different from yours, I have always worked with rpg maker vx ace, but I decided to migrate to the mv, I would like to know if you could make a sprite opening an item box, similar to Desire playing with the dog, as I don't have time to draw, it could be a template for this pose :)

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Just checking out the demo I can tell this is incredible

Я скачиваю на android а у меня получается на ПК это что такое пиздёж?

Bought your whole bundle yesterday and just discovered the demo for this - I bought the bundle with hopes of making it work in RPG Maker with a lot of determination, plugins and elbow grease but *actually* seeing that your demo is done with RPG Maker MV makes me sooo happy! :D

The result is absolutely amazing and I hope you will continue releasing more assets and/or characters as style compatible expansions to this pack in the future. I would be very interested in purchasing more.

Also loved the bit with Pitaya and her more abstract world! And one of my favorite details was the switch of shaded to bright character sprite when appropriate and the little hop Desire does when crossing a small obstacle. Such a quality of life detail. It's so annoying when your character stops at a tiny pebble and can't just walk over it.

Hey ! J'ai acheter le pack, mais j'aurais aimer avoir un "base sprite" pour pouvoir moi-même créer d'autres personnages. C'est possible ?

il n'y en a pas actuellement ... X) chaque perso est redessiné de 0

ah, je vois ! Pensez-y ça serait grave cool ! 


The game is well made just a little to explicit for my liking, are you gonna make characters who are humanley dressed or just keep going with the degenerate anime style.

God all your assets/characters are so cute! I've only just started with rpgMV, you mention the use of plugins do you have a list of what you used? Thanks! <3

Noiracide it's Pretty Awesome i like the 2 Characters all that but what this Demo Pack going be Noiracide

seeesh, actually inspired by your pixel art,  i just wonder how much time you spend on it , it's really beautifull :)

I'm on a phone and I cant see stuff....its like I'm blind, help :(

Hello Anthonyidk "Sorry due to files restrictions the demo doesnt work on Chrome, Brave and Duckduckgo browsers, you can play correctly with Firefox or Qwant mobile version"

Our !! you are a fantastic design. You don't want to develop a game with me about nft ^^ ; p

I can open but its laggy I cant move

Hello kitsuneneko03 , which platform/browser ?

Umm chrome

Oh I forgot to read...sorry for disturbing you...

No worry !

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One of the best RPG games I've ever seen, can't wait for more content.

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Thank you KevinIsSad ! Next content come very soon !


Thank You Roro Sensei !


This is an incredibly good art pack, genuinely some of the best I’ve seen on both the site, and for RPG Maker.


Thank You Yelsavick!


Congratulations, Noiracide !

The ambiance on this demo is so relaxing, and you can pet the doggo !

I couldn't have done it without you <3