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is there any plan for new tileset or enemies for 'RPG CLASSICS'?

It's so beautiful, I want to live in it! :)

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what percentage or tile size do i need to resize the tileset to fit perfectly into a 16x16 grid? the files are all sized up HUGE.

i use aseprite

thanks in advance!

Beautiful tile set, I absolutely adore the style!

It appears to me that the download might be missing water tiles for "convex" parts of the shores.

Tudo é tão perfeito *w*, ainda vou comprar, mas eu preciso termina outro jogo primeiro de zombis 

excellent! chef kiss!

gorgeous tileset - are these 16x16?  Interested in using them in a game I'm developing for a new 8 bit computer called the "zx spectrum next".  Looking forward to seeing what other tilesets you have planned in this palette style (if you take requests anything dungeon, sewer, cave, village, steam punk and associated baddies would be great!)



Thanks sinclairphotography! Yes 16*16 tiles ^^

Other tilesets are coming too, I'm working on them!

awesome!  looking forward to seeing them!


I noticed this pack before but I believe it dated from some time back, does this mean you're going to continue this pack expanding it?

Great work!



Yeah it's a revamped of my very first asset pack
Yes characters in 8 dir and new tileset coming soon ^^


Seems cool but... did you left the pavement in pitch black for a stylistic choice or is it a reference? Because it seems kinda incomplete to me : \


It's a stylistic choice ^^


A great choice, feels truely unique. :)

Thank you ! ♥

Looks so good, great job on this one

Thanks ! <3 can't wait to release animated characters soon !


amazing work, keep it up!