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I was hoping for some more RPG Maker MV/MZ - Side View Battlers' sheets like you had with the 2 ya have

me han regalado este asset pero no lo puedo descargar ayuda

My Best Translation:

They gave me this asset but I can't download it, help


very cool, do you also sell the character template in this style so I can create my own over it? Do you have smaller characters to make children?


I was wondering, is there a possibility that those sprites to have a naked version of those so people like me could use those as a template reference for other styles of coloring and detail, I love your sprites but to be honest im having a hard time trying to replicate environments in that style to fit with the characters atm, never the less I still love your work

I would second this, would buy a template for sure.

Great work either way!

Gonna reach out to ya via twitter if you're still looking for commissions. Regardless, love the work!

These are really nice. Are you planning on making any more?

By Default does this work with rpg maker mv? 

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Good quality, I like.  The only problem is not enough monsters in your sets to make a whole game (prefer Desire Fantasy, it looks better).

Looking forward to seeing more of your work :)

How to raise goals like here in your page?

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Hello, If I buy this your asset, I will Credit in My game ?  Can't I get Credit ? 

Yep ! ^^

Really loving these sets! 

Do you plan on doing any 8 directional animals/monsters? 

It's so hard to find good 8 directional pixel art sprites and these are fantastic!

Yes it's planned ! ^^

That is fantastic!