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Question are you planning to do modern sprites and tile maps? what ever there are called?

I can't for the life of me figure out how to message you besides here. I was wondering if the License allows for use in Streaming Overlays/Scenes/Alerts. Thank you!

Hello! Absolutely awesomely amazing artwork!

I think I might buy a pack or even the bundle, but I cannot find what's the resolution - 16x16, 32x32, or other? I tried your game demo, very lovely indeed (did you make it with Game Maker or RPG Maker?), and I am still not sure about the size.

Hi! Great pack! Do you have a sample map with these textures for the ones who bought it?

where could i find the npcs sprites that appear in the images of this pack?

Unfortunately, you can't take my money. There seems to be something wrong with my PayPal payment.

Do you have an option for side scrolling or is it for top down only? 


I  have been making games 20+ years and my jaw dropped when I saw this...

Very  nice!


This looks incredible- I love your style and the line width you use. You should consider making something in this style and pixel density for a modern horror setting. If you are looking for freelance work, I'd strongly consider hiring you for that alone.

What size are the assets? Would they work well at a more GBA or Celeste style resolution, or do they need to be a full 1080p to look good?

Hello greybeardgames !
All my assets fits for 16pix tiles size games πŸ™

Perfect! Are they scaled up currently to work with RPGMaker, and would need to be scaled back down for a lower resolution?


Boths are in the archive file  , original assets 16*16 and resized x3 (48*48)


NICE. Okay, sold.

What I need is to demonstrate the character in the picture. Is this a future release?

Where is the character material in the demo picture and why there is only scene material. . . . .

Hello puddinxsdl2 !

The content of this pack is written on the page :

Characters are only placeholders, I work on many animated characters + attack animation right now

What is scene material ? I don't understand the question : (
Can you clarify ? Thanks !

Do you have any plan for archer(or armed with ranged weapon) character?


I use a standard atk animation and you can superpose it has many weapon type you want. πŸ™

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Cool! I was thinking side battler or platformer style though. It also be nicely harmonized for my project.

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Oh ! new Battler Characters come too ! πŸ™

Cool battle system !

Thank you! your Hammer-rabbit-girl is main hero in this game. I call her Nora(named after you) When I start making money I will buy many many ko-fees for you!

Aww thank you !

Looks nice, does this need plugins too to be used?

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Hi Bollehopp !

Like others Desire Texture pack, you can use rpg maker friendly tileset in the folder RPG Maker containt in each pack, or use parallax mapping without script or use a parallax script if you want a scrolling map.

All depend of you and your needs πŸ™

More rpg maker friendly characters (only 4 direction rather than 8) are coming soon too

does this include or do you have any plans for non-side view battle sprites/animations? your artwork is sooo good, i just prefer realtime arpg style battle


Thank you gooby ! not for the 8 directionnal characters but I may

probably include a sword atk for 4 directionnal.

wow this is beautiful artwork :o !!!

Thank you Kat !


This is lovely! I can’t wait to see more!

Thank you Valfreyja/Valfreyr Elysion Grimaude !


Amazing you'd release it !😍

Great job dude !

Thank you Natlink722 !!

Wow, will those characters in example preview be released in future?

 Yes ! I work on it !




Hey there, this collection looks beautiful, you did a great job! Would you by any chance be able to give a general idea if you're planning on creating more assets in the same style, and roughly when they will be coming if so? I don't want to come off as too demanding haha, but just excited by the possibility of what can be created :)

Thank you ! Yes there is much more to come ! a Chests pack, weapons icon pack, characters pack and a Winter pack are in the pipes !


Great job as always :)

Thank you spooky-precious !

Well done !